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            Last week, I watched an interesting movie called “Begin
Again.” This is a movie about music, love and chasing your dreams. In
the film, a girl, Gretta, abandoned everything to support her
boyfriend’s career, it was a precious, but empty love. But it is no
wonder her boyfriend, Dave, abandoned her when he met someone else in
New York City. Meanwhile, a music producer, Dan, was fired by his
company because of lacking creativity and was, subsequently, kicked out
of his home by his wife and daughter. Gretta and Dan meet and use the
limited money they have to create a “back street” album and sell it on
iTunes for just $1. After I finished watching “Begin Again,” I thought a
lot about the importance of the lyrics of the songs in the film and
replayed the soundtrack over and over again.


            I think we live in a complicated world. People don’t believe
in kind strangers anymore and turn down to do a favor or receive help
from others. But we are the same creature. The world is dangerous, but
we should not refuse sincerity. I believe everyone can differentiate
between what is right and wrong, so don’t try so hard to protect
yourself and open your mind to accepting others. In the film, I really
appreciated the director’s way to simply express the charisma of music,
as opposed to telling a love story about the two people falling in love.
Without a one night stand or some intimate behaviors, Gretta continues
to show how sweet and supportive she is, while Dan’s life is going
through monumental changes. This makes the movie seem like a refreshing
take on what it means to fall in love.


           I think “Begin Again” suits anyone who has struggled in life
for a long time because they will easily be touched by the theme of the
movie. Maybe you are just like Gretta, living at the bottom of the of
the totem pole in a big city. Maybe you are like the Dan, drinking to
make yourself lost in the neon lights. Life has its ups and downs like
the curve of a mountain and not everyone can live as they wish. If you
want to change the current situation, the only way is to be brave enough
to accept the difficulties. When we go to somewhere, such as the
sidewalk of a busy street or the subway, we meet people at different
points in their life; no matter where they are, they should be respected
and enjoy the same chance to be discovered by others. It’s been amazing
that different people can be connected because of one similarity, like
Gretta, the shy girl, and Dan, the talented music producer; the
chemistry they have is so powerful that it can penetrate the audience’s
heart and catches their soul deeply.


            I like the spirit of the good music the movie conveys. For
example, in one of the songs called “Lost Stars” Gretta, played by Keira
Knightly, sings, “We are dust in the galaxy, we are lost in the stars,
we just want to light up the darkness.” At the end of the story, Gretta
rides away on her bicycle without fame and without a man. She ended up
selling the album for free, waiting for her moment of success that never
came. She finds a way of life inspired by the song of life and finally
has a brand-new start.





天 投下荣耀的光 像身披铠甲的天使 连接着大家公平的心脏

请 敞开你的胸怀 准备迎接那关注 创立独特的爱 只因有您

天河众多的星光 会聚灵魂的力量 投生在地球之上

滚滚吧 细胞的海域 不要为止 小宇宙暴发能量

I want you singing in my heart

I want you singing in my heart

噢 噢 噢 噢 朝着心中的取向

噢 噢 噢 噢 只凭着一种热爱

日子是幻象 高纬度自由存在

噢 噢 噢 噢 music music change the world

I got no words to describe.

lovebet体育,Through my eyes this time you can see my pride.

How many days and nights I keep singing and dreaming in my life.



That’s right so I keep smiling.

No hard feeling.

Just the way I like.

天河居多的星光 汇集灵魂的力量 投生在地球之上

沸腾吧 细胞的汪洋大海 不要截止 小宇宙爆发能量

I want you singing in my heart

I want you singing in my heart

噢 噢 噢 噢 朝着心中的自由化

噢 噢 噢 噢 只凭着一种热爱

时间是幻象 高纬度自由存在

噢 噢 噢 噢 music music change the world

Hands up to the sky

We are reunited

Send our love to the galaxy

Every corner of the world can feel light

I am you are we are 伐木累

万一你相信 就勇敢的去追求你的企盼吧 哈哈~

I want you singing in my heart

I want you singing in my heart

噢 噢 噢 噢 朝着心中方向

噢 噢 噢 噢 只凭着一种热爱

日子是幻象 北齐灵炀帝度自由存在

噢 噢 噢 噢

music music change the world

天 投下荣耀的光 像身披铠甲的天使。





王祖蓝(英文名:wáng zǔ lán)/蓝血人族